Bluetooth Search

Get it on Google PlayBluetooth Search searches for nearby discoverable Bluetooth devices. For each device found it records the name, address, and signal strength, along with the device type, services, and device manufacturer.

This is a valuable diagnostic tool for anyone developing Bluetooth software; security auditors looking for potentially vulnerable devices; anyone who’s curious about the Bluetooth devices in their midst.

If you’ve used tools like btscanner, SpoofTooph, Harald Scan, or Bluelog on other platforms, you’ll want Bluetooth Search on your Android device.

Download it here.

– Displays devices in a scrolling list for quick retrieval and review.
– Maintains device records across power on/off.
– Displays important device details including manufacturer
– Can export database to a CSV (comma-separated values) file for use in other programs, databases, etc.
– Can search in background while you use other apps.

While searching, Bluetooth Search makes heavy use of your device’s Bluetooth radio. Running it for prolonged periods will deplete the device’s battery more quickly than otherwise. Also, it may interfere with the device’s other Bluetooth functions while searching.

Bluetooth is a registered trademark of the Bluetooth SIG.